Storr Visitor Facilities,

Trotternish Peninsula, Isle of Skye

Working with Athena Solutions and Urban Animation this feasibility study explored options for creating appropriate facilities for the 100,000-plus visitors to the iconic Old Man of Storr, Storr Ridge and Trotternish peninsula.

The popularity of the existing limited parking area and lack of toilet facilities was leading to road safety and public health issues.

Previously forested, the site is underlain by varying depths of peat and includes part of the ‘Stor slip’ - a geologically historical and still dynamic landslide, making construction of parking and toilet facilities a sensitive exercise.

Rather than forming a single large parking area this is broken into much smaller groups, interspersed with native planting to reduce visual impact and improve the ability of the  site to drain naturally. All excavated peat is retained on the site, some being used to create shelter for new bus stops.

Through public engagement and consultation the site layout was developed and refined and general forms agreed for any future buildings on the site.

This project forms part of a much wider range of projects by the dynamic Staffin Community Trust

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