Post Cottage,


Until recently this tiny mid-19th C uninsulated stone building - approx 3m x 8m inside - was the Post Office for the west highland village of Arisaig.

Still kept within the same family, the building is to be sensitively overhauled to form a wee private dwelling.

It retains a number of important historical features including (we think) original timber roof trusses from the local estate sawmill and lime pointing made from local beach sand and shells.

Due to its size a compact, open layout is planned, together with mezzanine bedroom platform over part of the ground floor. A small fully-glazed dormer will provide headroom over the new stair and a view to the stars when sitting in front of the stove.

To improve the energy efficiency of the building the cement render is to be replaced with lime harling, vapour permeable insulation is to be fitted in the walls, floor and roof, and high airtight sash and case windows are to be fitted. A red-painted porch (in a nod to the building’s former use) will help reduce heat loss at the front door.

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