Ogee Eco-pods

Following a chance meeting at a trade show, Sam Foster Architects are working closely with Ogee Supplies, based in Falkirk, to develop a range of Eco-pods.

Unlike many so-called ‘eco’ garden rooms these modular, flexible, extendable small buildings have been incredibly well thought through to ensure that they really are green.

This means using low impact foundations, untreated and homegrown timber for the structure, binder-free sheepswool insulation, natural paints and breathable, non-toxic finishes throughout.  They can be insulated with Hempcrete if you prefer.

And they’re made in Scotland.

Coming in a variety of sizes means that they’re ideal for a wide range of uses, such as huts in the woods, a garden office, a music studio or even a man cave...

The first of these is to be built early next year - keep an eye on our news page for updates and construction photos.

Ogee Supplies also sell lime renders, natural paints, woodwool board and other ‘green’ building materials.

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