Mallaig & District Swimming Pool

Feasibility Study

Originally built in 1993, Mallaig and District Swimming Pool is a great community facility that has taught over two thousand people to swim - an especially important skill here in the north-west Highlands.

Unfortunately much of the pool plant now needs replaced, the building fabric is poorly insulated and very draughty and the layout is cramped and mean.

To help SFA have prepared sketches of the building in its current condition and some ideas for how it could be improved, which retain the very elegant glulam pool hall structure but open up the upstairs to take advantage of solar gains and the wonderful view south and west towards Ardnamuchan and the Small Isles.

Subject to funding approval these ideas will be developed in greater detail and a full feasibility study undertaken.

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ideas for a new clubhouse. Our role included developing the brief with the club, getting a ‘feel’ for their design aspirations, developing a draft

design and budget costs, and liaising with the planners.