Set up in 2011 the practice specialised in ecological design and offered a full range of architectural services, from coming up with cost-effective, creative ideas on how to ‘green up’ your home or building, to seeing a project through from inception to completion.

We focused specifically on creating truly green buildings and sustainable spaces. This means avoiding technical gimmicks and synthetic products in favour of sound design principles and robust, natural materials.

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During its time a number of people worked in the practice with Sam Foster, who set it up, all with strengths that contributed towards some fantastic projects:

Laura Barnfield, Patrick Courtney, James Daw, Emma Donnelly, Aileen Hill, Faith Livingstone , Gloria Lo, Mike McGurk and Vic MacRae.

Thank you to all of you, and to the many consultants and clients with whom we worked.

Our projects are of interest to other architects, students and building professionals. Some information is included on this website about these, which you are welcome to download.

At the time of writing (Sept 2020) a couple of projects remain on site and close to completion. The website may be updated with details of these in due course.

Beyond this, we are unable to respond to any specific queries.