Barnshot Road,


Working with a very design-conscious client on this extension and minor remodelling to a B-listed house in Colinton, we helped to connect the kitchen to a garden room and construct a new utility room.

The form of the extension very intentionally reflects, and opposes, the original lean-to outshot.

Drawing on the robust horizontally-banded stone of the original house, the extension is finished in open-jointed horizontal Siberian larch cladding which will slowly develop a rich golden-silver patina over time.

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Rigid woodfibre insulation has been used to line the inside of the original stone garden room; the extension is constructed from a highly insulated and draughtproof timber frame. All windows and doors are triple glazed with painted timber frames.

The contractor, Stockbridge Home Solutions, made an excellent job of the work, bringing their own ideas such as re-using the former back door to create a timber desk to demarcate the open plan kitchen from the garden room.

I had met Sam on a few occasions and had listened to some of his views and ideas about buildings. He seemed to be strong both on style and on quality.  When we met to discuss some of the ideas I had, I felt we were on a similar wavelength.


Sam questioned and listened to what the aim of the project was and, although it went in a different direction, it was during that first real conversation that I realised what could actually be achieved which would make the whole idea more practical.

Sam was sympathetic to the style of the existing building which is over 100 years old.  This was important to me.  His extension design mirrored the roof of the existing building which made the whole thing gel.  The ideas were then pieced together in a way which would allow the new section and the old to flow easily into one another.  This has worked so well as the knock on effect to the whole house has been beyond my expectations.


Sam uses eco friendly materials and quality fittings such as doors and windows.  I followed the whole building process which was a pleasurable experience.  The level of insulation is top and the end product is a snug space, full of light, which can be enjoyed in both summer and winter.  There is also a large utility area which feels very much part of the house but which can be closed off should that be preferred.

Sam is an ideas person.  He is easy to speak to and receptive to ideas.  To find an architect one can gel with is not always an easy task but Sam achieved a design which is both pleasing to the eye and practical as a living space.  This continues to give me great pleasure!