Rural community housing,

Arisaig, west Highlands

Our third project working with Arisaig Community Trust, this one is currently at feasibility study stage and is exploring the potential for a number of community-led houses at a tricky but stunning site on the north edge of the village.

This follows on from a Housing Needs Analysis by Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust that identified a clear demand for additional housing in the village for rent and affordable sale.

The first stage of the project included ground investigations, site analyses  and a full day of engagement with village residents to develop support for the project, raise concerns and get ideas on preferred site layouts.

Following this initial design ideas for the site layout and houses were presented to the community.  The idea is simple: clusters of houses arranged around a green central space, with cars kept to the north edge of the site.

The ideas were met with broad support and some imaginative suggestions and we are now working to refine them and develop costs.

Completion of the study is anticipated to be at the end of summer 2019.

Project team:

Urban Pioneers, Landscape Architects

Fairhurst consulting engineers

Community Energy Scotland

Ralph Ogg & Partners

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