Following the successful energy-efficiency refurbishment of the Land, Sea and Islands Centre the owners of this single-storey 1980s timber kit house approached us to help them reduce their own energy bills and carry out some remodelling.

Before getting started on the design work an airtightness test was carried out on the house, which gave a ‘Q50’ result of 9m3/hr/m2. After reviewing the construction of the house and developing a refurbishment strategy a target of 3m3/hr/m2 was set for the ‘post-works’ airtightness test, along with completely vapour-open and non-toxic materials and finishes.

Working closely with local contractors Knoydart Construction, and even after adding a small extension on the south of the house to replace the unused conservatory and make the most of the stunning views towards Arisaig Bay and the Isle of Eigg, the post-works airtightness test achieved a result of 0.8m3/hr/m2 - more than a 90% reduction in draughts, and testament to good detailing and outstanding workmanship.

Since moving back in the owners have re-furnished the house beautifully and we will be staying in touch on a regular basis to monitor their energy bills.

These photographs are of the house before the works started. We’ll have some  photos of the finished article soon!


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